Chiropractic care is amazing no matter when you receive it, but spinal adjustments really pack a punch during the winter months. Our bodies and minds deal with a lot of stress during the winter, and chiropractic care is the perfect complement to your other wellness activities to keep you feeling your best during the colder months.

Winter is a great time to start receiving chiropractic care! Just a few of the benefits you may enjoy as a chiropractic patient during the colder weather include:

Reduced Pain & Inflammation

The cold winter weather can make joints ache and muscles tense. When they’re in this compromised condition, injury is more likely. Chiropractic adjustments are a great way to relieve tension and pressure on joints and muscles, reducing inflammation in those areas and in turn, reducing pain. Patients report both immediate and long-term pain relief with regular chiropractic treatment.

Increased Mobility

Some patients experience a loss of mobility during the winter due to the tension and stiffness caused by colder temps. As the pressure on the joints and muscles is relieved with chiropractic care, patients notice a significant improvement in their mobility. For patients with physical injuries, this improvement in mobility is vital for optimal recovery. Mobility plays a crucial role in a person’s wellness and functionality, so even small improvements can make a huge difference in their life.

Improved Performance

If you play sports or participate in some other type of athletic activity during the winter, you know the special considerations colder weather athletes must take to maintain peak performance. Chiropractic care is an important part of any athlete’s health and wellness path to keep their bodies loose, limber, and ready for action.

Immunity Boost

Issues with spinal nerves can impair our immune systems and make us more susceptible to picking up seasonal illnesses. By relieving pressure on the spinal nerves, the nervous system is less burdened with compensating for those compressed nerves and is able to do its job, like helping regulate the immune system.

Hormone & Mood Regulation

Another system that is able to work better with regular chiropractic care is the endocrine system. Hormones control almost every function in our bodies, so healthy functioning of the endocrine system is vital for overall health and wellness. During the winter, some people’s hormone levels get out of whack, likely due to less exposure to sunlight and fewer recreational activities. This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. As the name indicates, SAD symptoms are seasonal, and winter SAD is the most common.

Physicians and researchers have found that regular chiropractic adjustments help the endocrine system function better, keep hormones balanced, and improve overall mood. Many physicians recommend chiropractic for women in menopause to help with hormone fluctuations. For patients with winter SAD, chiropractic adjustments can be a very helpful tool in keeping symptoms at bay.

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