According to the CDC, overdose deaths in the U.S. caused by opioids topped 80,000 in 2021, a 15% increase over 2020 (which also saw a significant increase from 2019). It’s safe to say that we are involved in not just an opioid crisis, but a full-on disaster. In order to curb this insanely excessive abuse, we have to start limiting the prescriptions written for these medications that have such a high potential to destroy lives. In order to do that, we need to find alternative ways to treat and manage pain, which is the primary reason opioids are prescribed to patients. Physical therapy offers a safe avenue for pain relief that could be an integral tool in the fight against opioid dependence.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a movement-based medical treatment that focuses on restoring mobility and function after impairment. Impairment of function or motion can have many causes. Most people believe that physical therapy is only useful for recovering after an accident or injury, but physical therapy can also be a strong treatment tool for managing chronic conditions, and specifically chronic pain.

How Does Physical Therapy Help Treat Pain?

Instead of masking or temporarily relieving symptoms like narcotic painkillers, physical therapy addresses pain by focusing on the source. The targeted movements in an individual’s physical therapy plan will strengthen the muscles, increase circulation, improve the range of motion, and restore function to the area causing the persistent pain. As the area heals and improves, the associated pain will gradually subside. Your physical therapist will be able to use your injuries or conditions to tailor a treatment plan to your needs.

Physical Therapy in Tampa Bay

Are you living with pain due to a physical condition or injury? Have you tried traditional medical treatments with lackluster results? Physical therapy is a great addition to your existing pain treatment plan. To get started on your journey to less pain and better health, call Florida Injury & Wellness Center at 813-491-7509 or contact us online.