The spinal cord is an amazing and complex system. It carries messages between the brain and the rest of the body through intricate pathways of nerve bundles. These messages control our movements and body functions. 

Injury to the spine due to an accident can have physical consequences, but it can also affect a person’s emotional and social health.

Types of Spinal Injuries

Car accidents are the number-one cause of spinal cord injuries in the U.S., accounting for more than 40 percent of all spinal injuries each year. Direct impact from falls and sports accidents are also major sources of trauma.

Damage to the spinal cord can cause severe, life-altering complications, such as quadriplegia or paraplegia. But many injuries are treatable and can heal with time and the right treatment. Much of a person’s prognosis depends on the type and location of the damage.


Whiplash-associated disorder, more commonly referred to as whiplash, is one of the most typical spinal injuries treated after a motor vehicle accident. When the cervical spine (neck) is snapped back and forth rapidly, trauma to the surrounding soft tissue is trauma.

Herniated Disc

The discs in the spine consist of a strong bone-like exterior and a soft jelly-like center. Some types of injury can cause the soft center to leak through a crack in the exterior, creating a “bulge” that puts pressure on surrounding nerves. Herniated discs can occur after a direct-impact trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident or a fall from a height.

Vertebral Fractures

The vertebrae can be fractured just like other bones in the body. Many vertebral fractures are mild and can heal over time, but major trauma can cause a serious fracture that results in severe pain, loss of movement, and other consequences.

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