One massage is great, but when you get regular massages, the health benefits just add up! If you live in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, set up a schedule for rejuvenating, relaxing massages at Florida Injury & Wellness Center to enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of regular massage therapy, including:

1. Reduced Stress & Tension

Stress and muscle tension are two of the main reasons that people seek out massage services. Massages are a top-tier treatment for stress relief and have been used for centuries for this purpose. Massage therapists use a variety of massage styles and techniques to release tight muscles and promote an overall feeling of relaxation.

2. Less Pain

Pain relief is another awesome benefit of receiving regular massages. Research suggests that massage therapy, when combined with other treatments, can bring much needed pain relief to patients without the need for addictive opioid painkillers.

3. Increased Circulation

Efficient blood flow is essential for the functioning of all organs and tissues all over the body. Blood brings oxygen and vital nutrients to every square inch of the body as long as circulation is supported. Massage therapy is a fantastic way to promote healthy circulation.

4. Enhanced Immune Function

Studies have shown that massage therapy stimulates T-cell activity, which are the cells responsible for killing off foreign invaders. Massage also helps the body flush out toxins, further improving immune function.

5. Improved Mental Health

It may be hard to believe that massage can have an effect on a person’s mental health, but the endorphins and other feel-good chemicals that are released during and after a massage, along with massage’s other benefits, can give your mood a serious boost. The research related to massage and reductions in anxiety and depression is impressive.

Massage Therapy for Your Health in Tampa & Wesley Chapel

At Florida Injury & Wellness Center, we offer therapeutic massage services at both of our Tampa Bay locations. Give us a call at 813-973-4747 today to speak with one of our massage therapists about setting up your massage appointments on a schedule. We also offer physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture services to complement our massage therapy services, so you can receive the benefits of multiple treatments for your illness or injury, all under one roof.