There’s a lot of misinformation out there about chiropractic care, so we’re here to clear the air. In this post, we’ll debunk the top 6 myths about chiropractors with the facts, so you won’t have any fear of getting this safe and effective medical treatment.

Myth #1: Chiropractors aren’t doctors

Fact: Chiropractors study for four years after receiving their Bachelor’s degree, just like a medical doctor (more if they are seeking a specialty). In most states, chiropractors are licensed as physicians and are subject to the same ethical and education requirements.

Myth #2: Chiropractic isn’t based on real science

Fact: Chiropractic has been around for thousands of years. Both academic studies and anecdotal evidence confirm chiropractic’s health-promoting powers. Chiropractic has been shown to reduce pain, restore lost function, and boost the quality of life. What’s more, is that chiropractic is often effective for injuries and illnesses where modern medical treatments do little.

Myth #3: Chiropractic isn’t safe

Fact: Chiropractic is one of the safest medical treatments you can receive. That’s why chiropractors pay about 80% less, on average, for malpractice insurance than a medical doctor. Chiropractic injuries are very rare.

Myth #4: Chiropractic requires a lifelong commitment

Fact: Chiropractic treatment plans vary from just a few visits to long-term, and everything in between. Your treatment plan will entirely depend on your injuries, progress, and expectations. Even though many of our patients do continue to come in for maintenance appointments, these are monthly or less often and require a small-time commitment.

Myth #5: Chiropractic isn’t covered by insurance

Fact: While it is true that not all insurance plans cover chiropractic services, more and more are every day. Ten years ago, finding an insurance plan that offered chiropractic care was nearly impossible. Now, finding one isn’t even that hard. You know if insurers see the benefits of chiropractic care, then it has to be good!

Myth #6: Chiropractic care is expensive

Fact: Even for patients without insurance, chiropractic care can be very affordable, especially when compared with modern medical care. Treatment plan payments can easily be broken down into payment plans or financed with medical credit providers, giving the patient easy to manage monthly payments. Plus, since treatment plans are developed upfront, there are no surprise charges for unexpected services.

Florida Injury & Wellness Center Provides Quality Chiropractic Care

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