Overview of Program
All patients who enter our program are provided the following information and training to help guide them through the program.

What to expect after surgery
Learn exercises you will perform after surgery with detailed handouts. How to safely and properly use a walker, cane, or crutches with ambulation with a walker or cane. How to safely go up and down stairs. Activities you are able to perform and those you are not to perform following surgery.

The program consists of one or two physical therapy or occupational therapy sessions at our clinic, which should occur one to two weeks prior to your surgery. You may only need one session to be evaluated and obtain some basic exercises prior to surgery. If more training will be needed on assistive devices or more detailed assistance is needed with exercises, two visits may be scheduled to communicate this information.

Program Elements
You should expect to be evaluated by your therapist based on the planned surgery of the physician. Based on the findings of the evaluation, a customized activity and exercise program will be developed for you in an effort to effectively prepare you for surgery and maximize your long-term, post-surgical goals.
Functional outcome results will be forwarded to your physician for review and will ultimately help in further development and changes to the orthopedic surgery preparation program.

Program Benefits

  • Easier rehab and recovery after surgery.