If you suffer from chronic headaches, whether they be migraines or brought on by tension, you know how miserable they can be. These prolonged, nagging headaches can severely affect a person’s quality of life and daily functioning. Often, sufferers of chronic headaches try multiple treatments and remedies to get some relief, including narcotic painkillers.

But, what if you could get headache relief without the addictive painkillers or other daily medications? Well, you can! Chiropractic adjustments are a safe and effective way to relieve pain from headaches, especially tension headaches.

Chiropractic adjustments are just as effective as prescriptions

In various studies, chiropractic adjustments by a professionally trained chiropractor yielded results similar to prescription medications, without the undesirable side effects. Research has also shown that patients who receive chiropractic adjustments for headaches go without pain and recurrence longer than those who rely on medications for relief.

Headache Trigger Point Therapy

One technique we use here at Florida Injury & Wellness Center is headache trigger point therapy. By working with the trigger points on the splenius, suboccipitals, sternocleidomastoid, and trapezius muscles, Dr. Hancock can treat headaches caused by tension in these muscles. This therapy can also improve other symptoms, such as tooth or jaw pain, that are caused by satellite trigger points.

Chiropractic adjustments for migraine relief

Chiropractic adjustments have also shown impressive results for migraine sufferers. A study that compared chiropractic adjustments to a popular prescription migraine medicine, found that patients experienced just as much relief with one as the other. When you account for the lack of side effects and longer times without symptom recurrence, chiropractic adjustments are the clear winner.

Know your headaches

No matter what treatment you receive, it is important to learn what causes your headaches to start and if any triggers are involved. Typical headache triggers can be foods, smells, or lights. Keeping a headache diary is a great way to discover any patterns or trends in your headaches and identify exactly what is causing them. Once you know the cause, avoiding those triggers or activities will bring you immense relief.

Get chiropractic adjustments for headaches in Tampa Bay

If you’re living with chronic headaches, Dr. Hancock and his team can get you back on your feet in no time. Call us at (813) 973-4747 or contact us online today to schedule your chiropractic appointment, and finally, get the relief from headache pain that you’ve been searching for.