If you were in an auto accident but you’re not experiencing pain, it’s all too easy to assume that you got out unscathed. Unfortunately, multiple auto accident injuries have delayed symptoms. So while you may not have pain now, the pain could appear in the coming days and weeks. 

Let’s learn more about visiting a doctor, such as a member of the experienced team at Florida Injury & Wellness Center, for prompt care after an auto accident. 

You May Not Have Pain Until Later.

Spinal injuries, such as whiplash, are among the most common injuries to occur as a result of a car crash. For whiplash, in particular, it may take many days for the pain to appear. A key reason auto accidents can have delayed symptoms is the body’s  adrenaline and endorphins production.

An auto accident is a sudden, dramatic experience. As with any experience of this sort, it spurs heightened adrenaline and endorphins production in the body. These chemicals can lead to lesser feelings of pain and higher energy levels. So while these chemicals are still surging through your body after a car crash, you may not feel pain from any injuries that have occurred. As the chemicals wear off, however, the pain will set in. 

An Earlier Diagnosis Will Allow for a Faster Recovery. 

It’s in your best interest to get auto accident injuries diagnosed ASAP, so you have nothing to lose by visiting a doctor promptly after the crash. 

Here at Florida Injury & Wellness Center, we’re highly experienced in treating pain from auto accident injuries. With a chiropractic team and onsite physical therapist, we’ll help you recover from your injuries with advanced therapeutic methods. By seeing one of our specialists immediately after the accident, you can start the recovery process right away.

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