When you’re in a car crash, emotions run high and your first thoughts are if everyone involved is okay. Once you’ve made sure no one needs help and called emergency services, you may wonder what the next steps should be, especially if you’re experiencing any pain. Follow this quick guide for what to do if you are having back pain following an automobile accident.

Go to the Emergency Room

As soon as possible after the auto accident, go to the nearest emergency room to get checked out. Sometimes injuries sustained in car accidents do not show up at first because the patient is in shock or is experiencing the effects of adrenaline. By visiting the ER and getting x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, etc., you can ensure that there are no underlying injuries that you’re just not feeling at the moment.

Apply Heat and Cold

Part of the ER’s discharge orders for you will probably involve alternating the application of heat and cold on the injured area. The heat stimulates healing by increasing blood flow to the area, while cold reduces inflammation.


All injuries do best when the affected area is allowed to rest, especially in the days immediately following the accident. If you overexert the injured bone or muscle too soon, you’re risking permanent damage and loss of function.

Take Medications as Directed

The ER physician will also likely prescribe you pain and anti-inflammatory medication to take after you leave. Only take these medications as prescribed. The physician may also allow you to alternate the prescription pain medication with over-the-counter medications for even more pain relief.

Call Florida Injury & Wellness Center in Tampa and Wesley Chapel

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