Did you know that there are over 6,000 auto accident-related injuries in Pasco County every year?

An auto accident is an overwhelming and stressful experience. Auto accident victims are often in shock right after the accident, making them unaware of any injuries they may have as their body goes into “fight or flight” mode. While this parasympathetic nervous system response is designed to protect us from further harm, it can actually lead to significant delays in injured victims receiving proper care. Injured victims do not feel the pain typical of most injuries due to hormones and chemical signals working overtime in their brains to cope with the trauma they just experienced. Often, victims requiring medical attention will refuse emergency services, believing that they are fine.

“But, the ER said I was fine…”

When auto accident victims do go to the emergency room, they are often only assessed for major, obvious injuries. Less conspicuous injuries to the muscles and soft tissues often go unnoticed using standard ER practices. The victim is discharged as medically cleared when in reality, they are at the beginning of a long, uphill battle for injury treatment and relief.

The Symptoms Arrive

A few days to a couple of weeks after the accident, the real symptoms start setting in. Injured victims may suddenly experience:


These symptoms are due to small, but serious injuries to the person’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues and require immediate treatment to restore functioning and control pain. Since the person waited days or weeks to start treatment, there may be some permanent damage already.

Early Treatment is Key

That’s why it is so important to go immediately for treatment after being in an auto accident. The long-lasting, life-changing injuries that often do not show symptoms until days later can leave victims with physical disabilities, emotional disturbances, and an overall lower quality of life. However, by contacting a medical professional skilled in treating auto accident injuries as soon as possible after an accident, you’re setting yourself up for restored functioning, less pain, and more positive outcomes.

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